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Using CBD for Rugby

A growing body of research is showing that CBD can provide a range of health benefits for all people. By promoting natural reactions in our body, cannabinoids have the potential to help us live happier, healthier lives.

Since WADA removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances, athletes are now discovering the potential benefits it can bring to physical performance.

Rugby is one of the most physically intense team sports in the world, with so much pressure exerted, mentally and physically, across the body. CBD can assist rugby players in their performance, particularly during the recovery process, as outlined in this article.

Improved Recovery

Given the amount of physical activity and contact involved, it’s unsurprising that rugby is one of the most demanding and, as a result, injury-prone sports. While international bodies seek to make injuries less common, the basics of the game mean that pain is inevitable, and the recovery process is vital.

Recovery, either from injury or general fatigue, is a long process with many facets. However, CBD can provide benefits in many of these areas.

CBD reduces pain and inflammation, allowing the body to speed up its natural recovery processes and, ultimately, produce more muscle. Cannabinoids can also promote sleep, a vital part of overcoming fatigue and feeling fresh for the next fixture.

When it comes to more serious injuries, CBD can also help in the reduction of pain and inflammation, while its stress-reducing properties provide the athlete with a stronger sense of calm at what can be a traumatic time.

Note: CBD is not an alternative to conventional medicine, and should only be used to assist a more in-depth recovery process.

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Reduced Pain and Inflammation

One of CBD’s most significant benefits for rugby players is its ability to decrease levels of pain and inflammation naturally. For many players, these are just parts of the sport. However, properly managing the recovery process not only makes it more comfortable but can also lead to better gains going forward.

Cannabinoids in CBD interact with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which then interacts with the nervous system to reduce pain and inflammation. By lowering these feelings, the body will be free to help you recover more quickly and effectively than before, making your body more durable over time and reducing the recovery time needed between matches.

Increased Sleep

We have perennially underestimated the importance of sleep, but it’s an essential part of athletic performance. During our sleep is when our bodies perform the most rigorous recovery procedures, while a lack of sleep can impact our time awake in a myriad of ways, both physical and mental.

CBD may help the body to control its emotions, triggering natural hormones that enable us to fall asleep quicker and more deeply. By improving the quality of your rest, you’ll feel fresher in body and mind for the next day.

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Controlled Stress and Anxiety

Sportspeople at the highest level need to make every moment count. However, that pressure we put on ourselves can have a negative effect if not channelled in the right way. Stress not only impacts on our on-field performance but can also negatively affect recovery, dieting and other aspects of your life.

The natural chemicals in CBD may help the body to suppress feelings of anxiety and stress before they can appear. This ability to reduce negative emotions can lead to higher levels of performance, as well as improved recovery processes.

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Are athletes allowed to take CBD products?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, CBD has been removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of prohibited substances for athletes. CBD products do not contain THC, the psychoactive element that remains a banned substance for many sports. Many professional athletes across multiple sports now use CBD products as part of their recovery and preparation process.

CBD is an excellent way of assisting the body in doing what it does best. Here at Ellevance, we are one of the top producers of CBD oil in the UK, with products designed specifically for sports performance. For more information, please browse our range or check out our blog on how athletes can manage injuries.