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What to Look for in False CBD Advertising Claims

Everyone has warmly received the emergence of CBD as a product that can provide significant benefits to our lives. As our industry continues to grow and more research is conducted, we are getting more excited about the potential benefits that our products can provide.

However, as with any emerging market, there is still an element of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to CBD. While we try to educate our consumers and the wider public as much as we can, this uncertainty, unfortunately, provides room for less scrupulous businesses to operate, taking advantage of lies and half-truths for profit.

There are a growing number of scams related to CBD products online. What’s worse is that many of these take on the guide of a reputable company to sell poor-quality and potentially dangerous products. Some even falsely use celebrities to promote their products – Clint Eastwood and Mary Berry are two of the more recent examples.

How to Spot a False CBD Advert

Here at ElleVance, we strive to educate all our customers about the reality of taking CBD products. Our CBD FAQs section is full of factual information backed by research, helping you to make the right choice about whether CBD is right for you and, if so, which product would be most suitable for your needs.

False CBD adverts are only concerned with selling you their product – often something that is of poor quality and won’t deliver the benefits you expect. Here are some tell-tale signs of fake CBD adverts.

Exaggerated Claims

One of the most dangerous things when it comes to CBD advertising is sellers overstating its effectiveness. CBD can be effective at helping your body deal with stress and anxiety, can promote better sleep and also support muscle recovery. However, it cannot eliminate stress or insomnia, and it’s not a miracle cure for your aching joints.

These exaggerated claims are designed to prey on people who are desperate for support and are more likely to make an emotional purchase. If you see a CBD advert making these extraordinary ‘miracle cure’ claims, this is a sign that the company is potentially malicious.

If you have a severe issue related to stress, insomnia or anything else, you should always get in contact with an independent medical professional before purchasing products.

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Pushy Tone

As mentioned above, these false CBD adverts rely on establishing an instant emotional connection with the reader. Once they have that, they’re eager to get you to commit your money before taking a moment to think. They achieve this by creating adverts filled with aggressive messaging, including:

  • Buy Now!
  • Sale Ending in 5 Minutes!
  • Low Stock!
  • Don’t Miss Out!

If you see a CBD advert that appears exaggerated and pushy, then you should take a moment to consider if you can trust this product or company.

Strange Pricing

Another way false CBD adverts get you is through creative pricing techniques, disguising the real cost behind other figures. Claims such as “only £XX per bottle” are common, as is subscription-based pricing. If an advert says “first purchase free” but then asks for your payment details, there’s a chance that they could be tying you into a costly subscription, so be aware.

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How to Avoid False CBD Advertising

Unfortunately, given the world of digital advertising today, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to avoid false CBD adverts entirely. However, you can arm yourself with the knowledge of how to distinguish them.

There are various other things beyond what’s listed above that you can do to help avoid CBD scams.

Do Your Research!

One of the most effective ways of avoiding being scammed is to research. If you’re interested in buying a CBD product, make sure it is from a legitimate company with an online, social media and physical presence (if in doubt, give them a call!).

Also, ensure that they’re not falsely using a reputable seller’s imagery – we’ve had many people contact us claiming to be scammed by people using ElleVance branding. The best way to avoid this is to get in touch with the company before purchasing. If you can’t contact the seller and confirm, then this should be a giveaway that the product may not be legitimate.

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Why You Should Only Choose a Reputable Seller

Unfortunately, those who do end up purchasing from bad actors tend to receive a sub-par product, if any at all. This experience can wrongly put people off CBD products. Buying from a recognised seller, like us, will allow you to experience the true potential of a high-potency, tried and tested product.

All of our CBD products are tested in third-party laboratories to ensure a high-potency and trustworthy product every time. If you want to learn more about the realities of CBD, why not check out our other blog post on CBD myths?