Scott Pirie : Professional Trainer / Coach and Sportsman

I’ve been a sportsman all my life and have been a professional trainer and coach for the last decade. Coupled with trying to  keep up with my very active family, I was intrigued to find out how and if the sports oil would work.

Why sports oil? If you’re an athlete or sportsperson at any level, you are usually very aware of what you put into your body makes a big difference to your performance over a period of time and you’re always looking to maximise performance and minimise recovery time. So with the oil, I was hoping to see an improvement on both fronts. And, if you’re working at the more elite end, not be worried about drug testing.

I started taking the oil at the beginning of an intense build cycle with a minimum of two workout sessions per day, six days per week with a ‘rest day’ of less intense exercise. I know how this usually goes. Like a greyhound out of the trap, I’m off but then usually by around 10-12 days in, I ache, a lot! I’m not as young as I used to be and I’ve had a few hard knocks over my lifetime and these are the usual suspects that really play up as the cycle goes on.

But, I was surprised by how effective the oil was a both warding off the usual body grumbles, but more importantly I felt that my recovery was much improved. I felt more rested, less fatigued and subsequently could hit the next training session fresher, more prepared and able to work harder, or at least as hard as I thought I should / could go.

It’s not a panacea for all your aches and pains, nor will it turn you into an elite athlete in a matter of weeks. It’s strength lies in its ability to take the edge of the niggles (if it doesn’t, I would suggest seeing a good human movement and performance coach!) as you train and more importantly, make the recovery period more effective leaving you ready, able and willing? to do it all again.