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How Does Your Diet Affect Stress?

Stress can be a hindrance in everyday life. It interferes with both everyday activities and major milestones. We all try to avoid stress as best as we can, but it’s not always as easy as that.

However, there are some small ways we can unwind the tension, such as using CBD oil for stress, enjoying daily exercise or having a healthy diet.

Here, we’re going to be having a look at the relationship between stress and diets. You’ll find out how to create harmony between the two and hopefully, reduce your daily stress.

Stress and Diet: Why are They Linked?

It may sound surprising that eating can have an impact on our stress levels, but if you think back to when you may have drunk too much coffee due to a sleepless night or an important deadline, you begin to understand.

Although the sleepless night or deadline were providing the perfect environment for a stressful situation, the caffeine in the coffee is also stimulating the adrenal glands to release hormones such as cortisol, our stress hormone.

Eating and drinking certain food and drinks may seem like small, insignificant factors, but as these habits mount up, they can influence how we create and deal with stress.

Chronic stress weakens the immune system, ultimately compromising the body’s defences. When ill, the body is under even more strain, so it’s important to be mindful of a healthy diet to help support your body.

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Food and Drinks That Contribute to Stress

While a generally good diet can contribute to a more positive outlook, there are certain foods to watch out for if you want to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Sugar and Fat

When feeling stressed, you have probably encountered a craving for processed sugar. Sugar will only provide a short burst of energy; you may feel a temporary relief from the stress but your sugar levels will eventually crash.

The sugar crash, otherwise known as a ‘low’ period, will put a strain on the body and can cause irritability as well as increased food cravings. This can create a vicious cycle and make you feel worse in the long term.

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Although alcohol is known to take the edge off and is used as a means of coping with stress, in the long term it can cause sleep problems and nervousness. It releases large amounts of adrenaline and also affects blood sugar levels.

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Processed Carbohydrates

With little nutritional value, processed carbohydrates can cause fluctuating blood sugar levels, this can leave you feeling even more moody and irritable.

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How Improving Your Diet Can Reduce Stress

It’s important to take some time for self-care. Stress can lead to us placing more pressure to not feel it or simply carry on without everyday activities. During these times, it’s recommended to nurture the body’s needs.

Vitamins and Minerals

It’s always a good idea to be mindful of B vitamins, vitamin C and Magnesium. B vitamins help to provide energy; you can find them in bananas and nuts, which are great for snacking on. They can also be found in meat, fish and dairy.

Vitamin C-rich foods are not only great for the immune system, but the biggest store of it is in the adrenal glands, which produce the stress hormone. To keep this healthy, you should incorporate more tomatoes, peppers and broccoli into your diet.

Magnesium is an essential mineral as it reduces anxiety and relaxes the muscles, while also being involved with hormone and energy production. You should try to involve it in your diet by eating brazil nuts, lentils, whole grains and leafy greens.

CBD can offer you support by helping to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. However, it is not a miracle cure. If you feel like you might be suffering from chronic stress, we would advise speaking to a healthcare professional about your concerns.

If you want to learn more, why not check out this blog below?

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Morning or Night: What’s the Best Time to Do Yoga?

Yoga is all about bringing balance to your life and promoting physical and mental wellbeing through strength, flexibility and breath exercises.

If you’ve just started yoga, or you’re looking to enhance your yoga experience, you may be wondering the best time to practice your poses.

The simplest answer is: whenever is best for you!

Ultimately, yoga is designed to help you clear your mind, so it makes sense to do yoga when it best suits you. Avoid feeling stressed by trying to cram a yoga session when you don’t have time, just because it’s the morning!

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Differences in Yoga Poses

However, it also depends on the type of routine you do. Some poses are energising, while others are calming, so there may be particular yoga routines you follow in the morning that you wouldn’t do in the evening.

For example, backbends and sun salutations are energising and invigorating – perfect for morning routines, but probably not what you’re after for the evening when you need calm before bedtime.

Instead, in the evening, you probably want forward bends to calm, as well as twisting poses to help relieve tensions that have built throughout the day.

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Practising Yoga in the Morning

If you’re a morning person, or you tend to have a few moments of peace to yourself in the mornings, then it makes sense to enjoy yoga at this time. A morning routine can help you clear your mind and awaken your body for the day ahead.

A key benefit to morning yoga is that an early morning session can help to refresh the body if you tend to feel stiff after waking up. Doing yoga first thing also offers the additional benefit of an empty stomach – no one wants to be twisting their body round or lying tummy-down on the floor after a meal!

Another argument in favour of morning yoga is that not only does it set the tone for your day, but it can also ensure that you get it done! If you decide to do an evening routine, then it can be tempting to push it back or let other chores and activities get in the way of your relaxation time.

Finally, some choose to enjoy yoga in the morning because it tends to be cooler then. By doing yoga in the morning, you may be able to work out for longer, as you may not get as hot.

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Practising Yoga in the Evening

If you use yoga as a way to help you unwind and relax, then it might make more sense for you to practice it in the evening before bedtime, as a way to settle your body and mind ready for sleep.

By enjoying yoga in the evening, you are giving yourself time to free your mind from the stresses of the day, making drifting off to sleep a little easier!

If you often find falling asleep difficult, then there are other supplementary things you can try to help you relax in the evenings, such as CBD oil. This can also be useful to help soothe sore muscles if you find you’ve stretched yourself too much trying a new yoga pose!

Practising yoga in the evening has additional benefits, too. If you find yourself rushed in the morning trying to fit in a routine before work or school, then the evening may provide you with more free time.

A further benefit of evening yoga is its ability to help break ‘bad’ habits. If you are prone to sitting in front of the television and snacking all night, then breaking this time up with a yoga routine can help to promote healthier choices in your lifestyle.

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Same Time Every Day?

When it comes to yoga, consistency is important, but it generally refers to consistently practising each day, rather than at a set time. As long as you get a chance to enjoy yoga each day, the exact time shouldn’t matter.

It is more important that the time you set out for yoga won’t leave you feeling rushed, stressed or overly tired, as trying to cram a routine for the sake of it may cause you to lose enthusiasm or abandon yoga.

As such, you can even practise in the mornings some days and in the evenings on others, if that works best for you.

When do you find is best to practise yoga? If you have tips for finding the right time to do yoga and making space in your day, then leave us a comment on our social media channels!

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How to Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

More people are aware now about the importance of keeping life in balance. There are times when all of us experience moments of stress, but creating routines and spaces that allow us to decompress is vital for living in a way that feels positive and whole.

For some, maintaining a balanced lifestyle in the modern world can feel more challenging than ever. While our CBD balms and oils can help, they are only one part of a puzzle that is complex but can be achieved by anyone committed to change.

If you’re looking for some lifestyle inspiration, here are some top tips on achieving and maintaining balance in your life.

Understand Your Goals and Priorities

Creating and keeping a balanced lifestyle is not something achieved on a whim, no matter what other people may make you believe. Achieving this kind of balance requires thought and preparation, especially if you’re considering your long-term hopes and dreams.

The first step is to consider what matters most to you out of everything in the world. This stage can be quite tricky at first, as it involves asking serious and challenging questions about yourself.

Filter your hopes and dreams, focusing on those that have the potential to be realised if you committed to them. Write these ambitions down and make them a priority for the next stages.

Create Time for Yourself

One of the most common reasons why our lives become unsettled is because they’ve become ‘too busy’. Whether its stress at work, as a parent or whatever else, excess pressure can lead to feelings of time running away. Perhaps worse than that is how stress can make us not make the most of what free time we have.

If you struggle to find the time to focus on yourself and your needs, create some for yourself. For some, this can feel impossible, but the best way is to take a step back and break your days down into hour blocks.

See if you can streamline parts of your day to create at least one hour each day that is truly yours. Once you have this, make sure you spend it on yourself. Peaceful tasks such as meditation, yoga or reading can be beneficial for removing the stress of a day, allowing you to feel more refreshed and balanced.

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Consider Your Health

Very few of us really enjoy exercise or dieting. However, it’s undeniable that physical health plays a massive part in our mental health and overall wellbeing.

If you want to create a more balanced lifestyle with a positive outlook, you should consider your exercise and eating habits. Keeping active is vital for helping us feel more energised on a daily basis. Eating the right foods is also essential for energy and brainpower.

Sometimes, it might just be a small switch that’s required. Consider making your meals instead of visiting the same café, or join your local running club for some scheduled exercise every week. Even a small step can help on the path to a more balanced lifestyle.

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Embrace Development

Whenever you make a significant life change, there are going to be obstacles. You can also be guaranteed that there will be times you make a bad or wrong decision. However, if you’re committed to the practice and the ambitions outlined earlier, you must embrace these mini mistakes.

This point can often be the difference between a new trend or a significant shift in your life. Any challenging moments you meet need to be embraced as opportunities for personal development instead of being viewed as shortcomings.

By taking pride in your new challenges, you’ll find new sources of personal energy which help propel you to new heights, whether that’s achieving something new or simply living a calmer, more peaceful existence than before.

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Accept and Give Love

This point might feel a bit cliché, but it’s hugely important in an increasingly detached modern world. Similar to how laughter and yawns spread across a room, love and compassion can be shared in the same way, but you must be open and prepared to receive.

In this instance, we’re not talking about romantic love but the simple kindness and compassion that can be shown to anyone, be it a friend or stranger. Providing these little moments of everyday kindness will not only create a more positive atmosphere but also make you more receptive to love from others. It may sound crazy, but try to be a little more compassionate to everyone, and you’ll soon understand what we mean!

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle can be a challenge, especially with no real end goal, but it’s also a hugely rewarding endeavour. Whether CBD is part of your life or not, we wish you all the best in creating a more positive balance for yourself!

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Four Remedies for Good Sleep

A full night of good quality sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing. Even just one night of inadequate sleep can wreak havoc on your body and mind.

Here at ElleVance, we are dedicated to helping you achieve good sleep and peace of mind. Research has shown that natural remedies like CBD oil for sleep can be a beneficial part of your nightly routine.

Numerous other remedies can be harnessed to support good sleep; here, we explore some effective solutions for bad sleep.

The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Some people are ‘morning people’, while many others are not. However, regardless of if you are full of energy in the morning, all of our moods are better when we’ve had a sufficient amount of sleep.

A bad night’s sleep can leave you in a terrible mood, feeling far more irritable or negative than usual. Getting plenty of sleep also means that you are able to concentrate more and will not need to rely on stimulants like sugar and caffeine to keep you alert.

Sleep is an important part of physical health, as well. A healthy sleep schedule can help you control your appetite and maintain a healthy weight; being sleep deprived can affect the hormones that signal hunger.

Your mental health can also be supported and regulated when you get enough sleep. Sleep can be very beneficial when you are struggling with stress or trying to improve your emotional wellbeing.

Realising how good sleep can be beneficial is important, but how can poor sleep be remedied?

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Many people are sceptical of meditation, but it can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Just sitting and practising some mindful breathing exercises can help you let go of the stresses of the day and set you up for a more peaceful night’s sleep. The practise consists of slow breathing while you sit and observe your breath and body while focusing on any thoughts or feelings that arise and eventually pass.

A 2011 study showed that meditation could improve the symptoms of insomnia and overall sleep patterns.

A simple meditation session of 15 minutes can be enough to calm your body and mind before bed. You can practise meditation at any point throughout the day to help combat feelings of stress. A general reduction in stress can be beneficial when looking to achieve better sleep.

If you are unsure where to start, guided meditation through specialist sleep apps can be very helpful.


Taking up yoga can be a great remedy for achieving good sleep and improving general health. Moving your body in slow, controlled movements helps boost mental focus and can alleviate stress in the mind and body.

Like meditation, yoga can be practised at any time of the day while still being beneficial when it comes to bedtime. Bedtime sessions can be especially useful in helping you release tension from your body that you didn’t even realise you were holding.

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For years, lavender has been used as an effective sleep remedy. Lavender can be used as a sleeping agent in many different ways.

For some people, its smell is enough to induce feelings of calm and relaxation. There are many varieties of lavender-scented candles and room sprays on the market to choose from.

Lavender tea is another great sleep aid, especially when blended with camomile.

A 2014 study concluded that lavender oil capsules were beneficial in improving sleep for people who were also taking antidepressants.

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CBD Products

Like lavender, CBD oil can be used as a natural remedy for improving sleep. Taking CBD oil is effective in supporting you to feel more relaxed, which can help you fall asleep faster.

Continual research into the positive effects of CBD oil is being undertaken in relation to sleep quality. Studies have already shown how it has the potential to help alleviate symptoms of insomnia and the disruption of REM sleep.

It should be noted that if you are experiencing persistent sleep issues, a professional should be consulted. CBD products can be effective but should not be considered a replacement for professional treatment.

For more guidance on the benefits of CBD oil and the science behind it, please don’t hesitate to browse our website or get in touch.

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What is Wellness?

It’s a word we see everywhere, but how many of us understand wellness and know what it means? Not to be dismissed as a trend dreamt up to help companies sell products, wellness is a holistic approach to life dating back to ancient civilisations.

In the modern-day, the concept of wellness involves a range of things that allow us to focus on our lives and help us to feel our best both physically and mentally. Not merely the pursuit of happiness, incorporating wellness into our lifestyles can help us to negotiate the ever-increasing chaos of the world. In this article, we break into the basics of wellness and discuss its benefits.

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What is Wellness?

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. The key term here is ‘active pursuit’. Wellness is not a static state of being, rather the culmination of choices, intentions and actions that help us to move toward, and maintain, a higher state of health and wellbeing.

While conventional approaches and modern medicine play their part in this, the dynamics that are covered also lend themselves to more holistic alternatives. Furthermore, when we think of wellness as a lifestyle and mindset, we can begin to see how the various factors come together.


Physical wellness refers to the health of your body. There are a plethora of elements that relate to our physical health – including nutrition, exercise and sleep.


Mental wellness is the general state of your mental health, which can include your mood, outlook and ability to deal with problems and emotions.


Emotional wellness elaborates on your mental state and involves your ability to be aware and able to express your emotions healthily, as well as consider the feeling and emotions of others.


Not necessarily referring to religion or belief, spiritual wellbeing is the search for, or acceptance, of purpose and meaning.


Social wellbeing means you are connecting with others and maintaining a level of social interaction that helps you to feel included.


Relating to the environment, both your immediate and broader, environmental wellness covers a healthy living space, connection with nature and an awareness of your impact on the world. In extension, making choices that are less damaging to the environment.

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What are the Best Ways to Promote Wellness?

Once you have a better understanding of wellness, you may wonder how it is possible to incorporate it into your lifestyle. In truth, it is not as hard as it may seem to begin making wellness choices. As we discussed earlier, it is an individual and active journey to be more aware; there is no bar or end goal. So, how can you begin to promote personal wellness?

Choose More Ethical Brands

Whether it’s for travel, groceries, skincare or clothing, there are many brands out there who are promoting a more sustainable and ethical approach to their products or services. Not only does this fit in with environmental wellbeing choices, but often these products contain more organic and authentic ingredients.

Incorporate a Healthier Lifestyle

You don’t have to go to the gym five nights a week and eat a salad every day to make healthier lifestyle choices! Simple alternatives such as choosing an active weekend excursion with the kids, or gently tweaking your diet to be more nutritious are examples of the proactive pursuit of wellness.

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How Does CBD Contribute to Wellness?

CBD on its own does not necessarily promote wellness. Instead, its benefits cover a range of physical and mental factors, that when bought together can contribute to your wellness journey. Based on scientific research and studies, genuine CBD products can help improve the quality of sleep, reduce the symptoms of chronic pain conditions and have a multitude of benefits for regular exercisers and those suffering from anxiety.

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At ElleVance Sciences, we are dedicated to helping our customers live a more active life. Our products, which contain our unique blend of hemp plant extract, have been extensively researched to provide the perfect balance of cannabinoids and terpene. In joining us, you will become part of the ElleVance community. Here you can share your experience with other members, keep up to date on the latest research, and discover more about CBD on the broader wellness industry. For CBD oil in the UK, please visit our website.