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Why Do People Use CBD Oil?

Over the last few years, demand for CBD products has grown massively. As more research is conducted and public understanding grows, more people are discovering the benefits of these products and how they can help us live fuller lives.

A recent survey by New Frontier Data has uncovered just how much Europe’s CBD market has grown over the last few years, and how popular it could become. They have also revealed some interesting statistics about how people are using CBD oil, showcasing some of its most popular benefits.

The Growing CBD Market

According to New Frontier Data, there are over 72 million CBD consumers in the EU. We’ve come a long way in such a short time!

56% of Europeans surveyed have heard of CBD, which shows that these products are on their way to becoming part of the mainstream conversation. However, recent European Commission decisions on CBD show that there’s still some way to go before Hemp CBD products are fully understood.

Here at ElleVance, we are always open about the potential of CBD products. These are not miracle cures but can provide natural benefits for a range of issues, which we will look at in more detail below.

According to the research, total spending on CBD products in the EU this year will total around €8.3 billion (that’s ~£7.5 billion). By 2025, that figure is expected to increase to a whopping €13.6 billion (£12.3 billion)!

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Why People Use CBD?

CBD oil can be used to provide benefits in various physical and mental areas. However, what are the most popular reasons for taking CBD among consumers?

Pain Management

According to New Frontier Data, the most popular reason for taking CBD oil products is pain management, with 40% of CBD consumers stating this as the top reason. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and has been proven to help assist the body in its natural recovery from injury. These benefits are the reasons why CBD is becoming a popular supplement among sportspeople!

Stress Relief

Beyond pain management, 34% of CBD consumers use the products for relaxation, and 31% for stress relief. One of CBD’s most significant benefits is how it supports the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, helping to regulate intense emotions such as stress and anxiety. While CBD cannot eradicate these feelings, it can help you to overcome them naturally and has proven useful for many people, as this research demonstrates!

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Tied to stress is our sleep, which is vital for living happy, healthy lives. Many people have used our products to help them fall and stay asleep more smoothly, and also help combat jet-lag! Again, if you have a severe condition such as insomnia, we advise that you get in contact with a professional. However, if you simply want to improve the quality of your sleep, then CBD products can provide welcome support.

What Can CBD Do for Me?

The CBD industry is in a fascinating place. Research continues to understand the benefits of these products further, and more people are discovering the advantages for themselves!

If you are interested in taking CBD, then we have a wide range of products for you to choose from, depending on the benefits that interest you. Check out our blog on what happens when I first start taking CBD or get in touch with our team, who can help advise you on the best way to start.

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What Happens When I First Start Taking CBD?

There are still many who are wary about taking CBD for the first time; however, studies suggest that CBD / CBDA can help cope with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and insomnia.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

Our recommended dosages are worked out based on the recipient’s weight. This will differ per product, whether you opt for the oil or capsules. It is essential to follow the advice given, as these are unique to each product due to different strengths.

How to Take It

There are several ways you can take CBD. Such as by applying creams, taking an oil which, you may swallow, place under the tongue, mix in food or drinks, or by taking capsules which are easily portable if you’re on the go. Everyone will differ in what works best for them. However, studies suggest that swallowing is the best way as you achieve effective concentrations in blood, and can control the dosage.

The Taste

Cannabinoids don’t taste or smell; however, terpenes do. Our oil is rich in essential terpenes, and therefore, the oil will taste ‘hempy’, often described as earthy or peppery. It has a strong flavour which isn’t to everyone’s taste; therefore, it does help to take the oil with food if you’re unsure of the taste.

Additionally, capsules are a useful alternative; our ElleVance COMPLETE Relief™ Capsules offer a smell and taste-free dose of our hemp + high terpenes oil.

When Should I Feel It Working?

CBD interacts with our bodies and brains in several ways. Once it’s in your system, the oil will cooperate with our endocannabinoid system, the system in our bodies that regulates situations such as pain, anxiety and stress. CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system to help make it more productive.

CBD will interact with everyone’s bodies slightly different, but generally, within an hour of taking, you should feel the effects.

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What Will I Feel?

Our CBD / CBDA oil doesn’t contain THC, so you will not feel ‘high’; some people who take CBD may feel instantly relaxed. In contrast, others may not feel anything; the effects you feel will differ from person to person.

How Long Does It Last?

Typically, the effects of taking one dosage of CBD should last between six and eight hours; this will be dependent on your body and how much you have taken.

However, to reap the benefits long term, CBD oil is best to be taken daily. This will help you to obtain more significant benefits and for a longer time. We recommend taking CBD twice daily, CBD has a half-life of around 18 – 32 hours. Therefore, regular dosing can help to maintain its effects.

How Long Does CBD Stay in My System?

Studies suggest that CBD can stay in our system for two to five days. However, other factors can impact how long it stays in our bodies such as how often you take CBD, the dosage and your body composition. If you are taking it twice daily, then CBD will stay in your system for a more extended period, stimulating the endocannabinoid system longer.

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If you’re thinking about taking CBD for the first time, it is vital to find the right product for you. Nowadays, there are many CBD products in the market, but it’s essential to find a high-quality product.

At ElleVance, we are dedicated to bringing the best quality CBD / CBDA products to the UK market, including our CBD oil. Each of our products goes through comprehensive testing to ensure each batch has the required profile of cannabinoids and terpenes, with the potency that works.

Browse our website for more details on our products, read our blogs for the latest updates in the CBD industry or read our testimonials to discover how our products have helped others.