CBD/CBDA Oil (7%)
COMPLETE Relief CBD/CBDA Capsules (7%)SPORTS Performance CBD/CBDA Oil (10%)MUSCLE & JOINT Recovery CBD/CBDA Balm (2%)
Why purchase?Multi-purpose supportMulti-purpose supportSports supportLocal pain relief
Helps with:
- General wellness+++++++++++
- Sleep+++++++++
- Stress & Anxiety++++++++-
- Mood+++++++++
- Chronic pain++++++++++++
- Muscle fatigue++++++++++++
- Post-exertion recovery++++++++++
- Achy/stiff joints++++++++++
- Muscle tension++++++++++++
- Therapeutic massage---+++
- Food supplement
- PresentationOil with oral syringeSoft-gel capsuleOil with oral syringeBalm
- Potency++++++++++
- SpectrumComprehensiveComprehensiveHigh-purity CBD&CDBAComprehensive
- FlavourNaturalNo taste or smellMild naturalN/A
- DosageFlexibleFixed
- Vegan
- Organic
- Gluten-free
- Cruelty-free
- OtherIdeal for occasional usersTake-anywhere pack
Zero-THCAlternative to oral products
- ElleVance® Hemp Extract with CBD/CBDA
- Purified CBD/CBDA from ElleVance® Hemp Extract
- Cannabinoids70mg/mL (total)35mg/capsule (70mg/mL) (total)100mg/mL (CBD/CBDA)600mg/jar (total)
- Terpenes++++++++++
- OtherSesame oilSesame oilSesame oilMenthol
- Regular usetwice daily (am & pm)twice daily (am & pm)twice daily (am & pm)As needed
- Situational use1 hr before the desired effect1 hr before the desired effect1 hr before or after exertionAs needed
- Take orally with/after food
- Apply topically
- OtherMix with food to mask tasteDo not chewCombine with Balm for local achesCombine with Oil or Capsules for extra benefit
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